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Creating Connections to our World!

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My love of travel began at an early age.  I was one of seven children but got to tag along at times with my parents on their trips.  I was fascinated by different countries and ways of life, and many of these adventures were formative experiences in my life.   This was especially true as a number of our trips were not on the regular vacation circuit.  Traveling to Czechoslovakia in 1977, when it was still a Communist state, and Honduras on another trip, weren't where most people were clamoring to go, but it was fascinating to observe and learn about different cultures, histories, and communities,


Once I entered the working world, luck came my way again as international travel was a regular part of my work.  My early professional years were spent in the semiconductor industry which allowed me to travel to Europe and later to many parts of Asia.  Subsequent roles in other industries also took me to Europe, Asia and South America.  If having over 2.8 million miles with Delta qualifies me as a road warrior, I will gladly take on the title.  To this day, the thought of getting on a plane and flying somewhere - even somewhere I've already been - brings me a child-like joy of what I might discover, learn and experience. 

These days I'm no longer working and much has changed for our family, as it does for most.  My older sister unexpectedly lost her husband a couple of years  ago, and we lost dad last May, just days after he turned 94.  My mother was without her husband of 73 years, after taking amazing care of him for the last 15, once he developed dementia. 


Since experiencing these losses, my sister, myself and our 92 year-old mom have made time to go on trips together.  The travel has been a good distraction for both mom and Sherri - something to look forward to - and then get swept away by during our adventures together.  The indescribable joy from all three of us snorkeling together in the Caribbean Sea will be forever ingrained in my heart and mind.


And then that leads us to Places People Purpose, which for me is a combination of many loves.  First, it is the love of travel and discovery.  It is the love of curiosity and learning more about our world and other people.  It is the love of connecting with people around the globe, honoring our differences and marveling at how much we hold in common.  And finally, it is the love of giving back and, even if in small ways, creating positive differences in the lives of others.


So we would be honored if you choose to join us on our Places People Purpose adventure.  If done well, it will be educational and fun and perhaps challenge our existing views and perspectives.  If done even better, it will inspire us to be a better version of ourselves and hopefully make a positive difference in the lives of others.

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